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  1. [ About Re:Sound Bottle -second mix- ]
    Experimental sound medium that transforms recorded everyday sounds into music

    [ Concept ]
    • Allows anyone to create music using sounds from daily life
    • Communication that arises from intuitive sound interaction

    The conventional way of experiencing music is usually through existing technologies such as the ipod or the radio. However, this style of experiencing music takes place in a given form; is static and as a result leaves us dissatisfied.

    To really enjoy music, we need to find music through sounds around us. We need to stop being tied down with new gadgets that provide the music for us, but to search for music ourselves.

    A series of ideas like these lead me to create this device.

    This creation's main concept is to record sounds from daily life. It is the concept of ‘collecting sounds in a bottle’. You choose the sounds collected in the bottle. Using everyday sounds as a musical component establishes a new understanding of the sounds we listen to everyday. By collecting your own sampling of sounds, you encounter a unique piece of music that can be experienced only once.

    This device will bring a smile to anyone, as many will be able to experience the charm of music, leading them to turn music into something they love and adore.

    Created by Jun Fujiwara

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  2. Involving the Machines (ITM) was a research project that resulted in a collection of woven conductive fabrics. Besides their aesthetic pattern designs, these conductive fabrics possess various electrical properties such as continuous and separated areas of conductivity or resistance, pressure sensitive properties and tilt sensing capabilities.

    4 years ago / /
  3. Un LABO experimental Avec nos divers partenaires (plasticiens, musiciens, choregraphes, danseurs, informaticiens), nous mettons en place une cellule de veille technologique et artistique autour de la recherche, de la formation et du developpement de s

    7 years ago / / /
  4. In the Optical Tone, the original software controls dynamic color of LED and is applied to select the colors of the graphic pattern painted on the wall.
    8 years ago / / /
  5. Create Digital Music is a webzine and community site for musicians using technology. Our unique and influential audience reads daily for the latest news, tips, reviews, and features on digital music making.
    8 years ago / /
  6. Collective working on LED interactive wall
  7. Dance company using sensors
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  8. Key Combos, Applescript, OSC Forward, MIDI Notes with the addition of the long awaited Perfect Pairing technology that enables Wiimotes to reliably connect to the Macintosh.
  9. thesis project: a system based on vvvv and Max/MSP which turns Nintendo Wii remotes into simple yet funny 'musical instruments' - Claudio Midolo Edgar Castellanos Pedro Mari Natan Sinigaglia
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  10. Multi-touch interaction design
  11. The language for intuitive relationships between humans and machines
    10 years ago / / / / /
  12. Open Sound Control (OSC) is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices that is optimized for modern networking technology. Bringing the benefits of modern networking technology to the world of electronic
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  13. Le Dispositif d Implication Perceptive (D.I.P.) est un nouvel outil d expression artistique qui utilise la technologie des vibrateurs neuromusculaires de telle sorte que le spectateur se sente implique dans l acte artistique en train de se vivre.
  14. spinCycle is a turntable that allows you to arrange and play colors visually and musically.
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  15. Video, robotique, installation
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