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  1. A floating orb that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces with particular acoustic properties. By recording and replaying these ambient sounds, the hovering sphere produces a delayed echo of human activity.

    Electronics were programmed and inserted into the sphere in order to record and replay the surrounding sounds. Find out more: bit.ly/1cjvquk

    A collaboration between Julinka Ebhardt, Francesco Tacchini and Will Yates-Johnson from the Royal College of Art.

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  2. It can be a tricky task to debug and visualize realtime data on the Arduino board. You are usually stuck with the standard serial output, as the complexity of your Arduino code grows this makes it impossible to comprehend what is actually going on inside the board. To solve this I have created a little library that will enable you to create your own custom GUI for your Arduino projects.

  3. GAmuza is an Hybrid Live Coding/Modular application, for interactive design developing, live audiovisual performance and generative art teaching.

    Live Coding
    The main core of GAmuza is a live coding environment for rapid prototyping, playing and learning.
    Based on Lua embeddable scripting language, Luabind and ofxLua OF addon, extends the OpenFrameworks API (0071) with different input/output setting modules easy configurable within a GUI.

    Modular System
    GAmuza works with various GUI modules.
    Every active module will be available, with all his output variables and functions, within the GAmuza live coding environment.

  4. Duration is a timeline for creative coding. Create live performances, interactive installations, and music visualizations by synchronously composing servos, lighting, and projection.

    Duration integrates with Processing, Max, VDMX, OpenFrameworks, Unity3d, Quartz, and any other OSC enabled environment.

  5. iProcessing is an open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language. It is an integration of the Processing.js library and a Javascript application framework for iPhone.

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  6. An interactive tool that depicts the 500 companies on Fortune Magazine's annual list of America's largest corporations.

  7. The embedding of the subject in a parametric figuration can bring us back the responsibility to our environment. The recognition of the consequences of our (own and other) acting in space can be a key concept for orientation, integration and the understan
  8. RemoteVLC is an external library which allows you to communicate and control VLC Media Player remotely from the processing environment. Processing has memory issues in handling videos.
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  9. I setup a public netvibes page. It's the latest news, links, images, videos about Processing, Openframeworks, VVVV, EyesWeb, Isadora, Quark Composer, Pure Data, Max MSP.
  10. Kaleido is a tool that is designed to help visual-thinkers program. You can use Kaleido to create personally meaningful visuals for your code. Kaleido allows individuals to plan, organize, and navigate code in the idiosyncratic way we each think.
  11. Example code for processing from the book Generative Gestaltung
  12. Codelab est un forum consacré aux pratiques expérimentales de création d'image, de vidéo, de son et de musique qui utilisent des langages de programmation (processing, chuck, supercollider, livecode, etc.), de programmation visuelle
  13. The Art of DeTouch explores the manipulation of images related to the human form. Drawing photographs from existing online portfolio sites of professional re-touch artists, this application allows a user to explore precisely how the images were altered
  14. Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More precisely it is a book about Arduino boards, conductive fabric, resistive thread, soft buttons, LEDs, and some other things.
  15. sketchPatch allows people to play with programming in a easy and fun way. You can write your own programs and run them in the browser, share them, or collaborate with other people making new versions of their programs.
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