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  1. Demonstration of a multitouch interactive interface by Rudy Morin
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  2. As the niche genre of software art expands beyond the web and into mobile devices, media artists are finding ways to integrate their work into a new form of business model.
  3. a recently born interaction design group that explores natural communication between people and technology. We design experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the
  4. OSCemote is a remote control application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you send Open Sound Control messages to other programs like Max/MSP, Puredata, Eyesweb, Processing, etc.
  5. The Beta, tbeta for short, is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and multi-touch sensing. It takes an video input stream and outputs tracking data (e.g. coordinates and blob size) and touch events.
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  6. This is a variation of Graffiti Research Lab's L.A.S.E.R Tag ported to the TouchKit.
  7. The MultiTouch Cell. A ready to roll multitouch display that contains everything one needs to build a multitouch installation.
  8. Touche is a free, open-source tracking environment for FTIR-based multitouch tables.
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  9. CUBIT is an interactive surface for multitouch interactions. It was designed with the intention to redefine visual computing and depart from the mouse pointer paradigm.
  10. Multi-touch interaction design
  11. This instructable will show you how to turn your lcd projector into an interactive multi-touch display table using a few cheap components readily available from the hardware store.
  12. Touchlib is our library for creating multi-touch interaction surfaces. It handles tracking blobs of infrared light for you and sends your programs multitouch events, such as 'finger down', 'finger moved', and 'finger released'.
    10 years ago /
  13. Dedicated to jeff han multitouch screen
  14. Maker of lemur, multi-touch surface
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