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  1. Codelab est un forum consacré aux pratiques expérimentales de création d'image, de vidéo, de son et de musique qui utilisent des langages de programmation (processing, chuck, supercollider, livecode, etc.), de programmation visuelle
  2. Marco Suarez Cifuentes, compositeur ne en Colombie. Il reside et travail en France. Son travail de composition est marque par l utilisation des nouvelles technologies ainsi que la par la programmation et developpement des dispositifs...
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  3. El taller d escenografia augmentada proposa, mitjancant l assaig practic, la confeccio d escenografies teatrals hibridant les noves disciplines audiovisuals amb el disseny escenografic classic.
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  4. OSCemote is a remote control application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you send Open Sound Control messages to other programs like Max/MSP, Puredata, Eyesweb, Processing, etc.
  5. Jamoma provides a clear structure and common features for building max patches. Reducing the amount of time needed to create new performance systems, and enhancing the interchange of patches amongst max users.
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  6. Framestein is software for processing images and video with Pure Data.
  7. Today s growing collections of data hide a wealth of relationships between people, organizations and ideas. Our powerful visualization solutions let you discover and explore these relationships simply and intuitively.
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  8. links for PD (Pure Data), Supercollider, Max/MSP, Analog to Digital Interfaces, OSC protocol, ChucK, Python, Java, Director Xtras, processor art, music software.
  9. lloopp is a software written in max/msp, designed for live-improvising.
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  10. Pixelache is a festival for electronic art and subcultures. Pixelache presents projects experimenting with media and technology from a broad range of disciplines: artists, engineers, designers, researchers and architects.
  11. This site is designed to find objects, patches, applications, etc... from Max universe (Max/MSP, Jitter,...). Just as an indication, some objects are listed to be available on Pure Data as well.
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  13. Control pure data from php
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  14. The ultimate sensor interface
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