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  1. Mobile is a French-American bilingual magazine, where a part of creation meets a part of reflection.

    mobile album - nicolas boillot

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  2. Ahorn is an online magazine dedicated to contemporary photography, directed and edited by Daniel Augschoell and Anya Jasbar. The principal aim is to give to our readers a tool to know what's happening in contemporary photography, and to offer emerging ph
  3. Museo MUSEO is the contemporary art quarterly dedicated to conversations between scholars and artists. Our editions mediate among the studio, gallery, and academy through topical inquiries that lay the groundwork for tomorrow's art historical studies.
  4. Magnetic Room est ne, au debut du printemps 2008, du desir d interviewer des artistes dont nous aimons le travail et d'interroger leurs moyens d expression (net art, musique, cinema, video)
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  5. Vibro is a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple an a specialised magazine.Vibro intends to render experiments in the fields of electroacoustics and Lo-Fi more 'audible'.
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  6. We publish images that treat subjects in unexpected ways. Alternate takes, unconventional observations, odd angles -- the photographs in the collection reinterpret traditional genres.
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  7. La culture digitale s'incarne dans une multitude d'evenements et lieux multimedias. MCD se fait l'echo de ces initiatives en mettant en avant l'actualite de ce secteur au travers d'un agenda, de bloc-notes, d'annonces, de communiques
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  8. Architecture and design magazine
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  9. Read the world. Publish the world.
  10. Icon is one of the world's finest architecture and design magazines. Every month we interview the most exciting architects and designers in the world, visit the best new buildings, analyse the most interesting new cultural movements and technologies, an
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  11. Online documtentary about contemporary art
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  12. Revue artistique, courant artistique en Midi-Pyrenees.
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  13. Plus qu une plate-forme sur Internet, artishoc est une mutualite d acteurs de la culture. Les acteurs du reseau cherchent avant tout a valoriser la qualite des contenus culturels et artistiques et a les mettre a disposition des equipes culturel
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  14. a minima es una publicacion impresa de arte actual y nuevos medios que documenta el trabajo de artistas e investigadores interesados en la implicacion de la ciencia y la tecnologia en la cultura y el arte.
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  15. Colaborative photo magazine
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