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  1. Future Shorts is the definitive short film experience. Every month, over 25,000 people in 20 countries come to see our unique blend of short film, music and art. http://www.futureshorts.com

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  2. For our 12th Festival we will be exploring the theme networks. At our festival we will be exploring the theme of networks from artistic, scientific, sociological, practical and metaphorical perspectives. Toronto - Canada
  3. TagR.tv is a festival video blog that multiplexes documenting of all kinds of digital and media arts events, and lets you experience festivals from anywhere in close to real-time.
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  4. Festival Internacional de Video Arte in Mardid, Gijon and Paris
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  5. ACREQ is an organization interested in making links between electronic music and other visual media. This organization presents the latest aesthetic currents in artistic practice with new technologies at their core.
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  6. LOOP was created in 2003, as an active platform of dissemination, creation and discussion of time-based media. Together with our network of professionals, we see videoart as a new way to push the limits of art and society.
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  7. Area 10 Project Space is based at the vast Eagle Wharf premises on Peckham Square, SE15, just behind the landmark Peckham Library. Its vast warehouse spaces and varied smaller units give it the capacity to explore a virtually unlimited range...
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  8. Festival internacional de artes electronicas y video, Mexico
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  9. L'appel a concours est une invitation a la creation. Une creation encouragee par la demande. Repondre a un concours, c'est participer et creer avec plaisir.
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  10. LOOP is an annual meeting point for video art professionals that has a Festival + Fair + Panels format. It is a project led by Emilio Alvarez, Carlos Duren and Llucia Homs.
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  11. VideoChannel is constructed in two parts, a low-tech administrative body, which is containing all textual and documentary information, and a high-tech Flash based body containing basically the videos.
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  12. argos is a Brussels based centre for art and media that was founded in 1989. Over the years the organisation has developed from a distributor of artists' video and film into a broader art centre incorporating also functions as exhibitions, screenings.
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  14. Readme festival in the year 2005 aims at supporting the production of software art projects and texts critically engaging with software art.
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  15. Pixelache is a festival for electronic art and subcultures. Pixelache presents projects experimenting with media and technology from a broad range of disciplines: artists, engineers, designers, researchers and architects.
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