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  1. EyesWeb is an open software research platform for the design and development of real-time multimodal systems and interfaces.

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  2. The SEC is a collection of blocks for the free open-source program EyesWeb that have been specifically designed for real-time gesture recognition.
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  3. I setup a public netvibes page. It's the latest news, links, images, videos about Processing, Openframeworks, VVVV, EyesWeb, Isadora, Quark Composer, Pure Data, Max MSP.
  4. * Generate a Bluetooth signal when you press a key on your phone's keypad * Receive these signals on your computer and convert them into MIDI messages * Send these MIDI messages to MIDIPoet using a virtual MIDI port
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  5. El taller d escenografia augmentada proposa, mitjancant l assaig practic, la confeccio d escenografies teatrals hibridant les noves disciplines audiovisuals amb el disseny escenografic classic.
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  6. OSCemote is a remote control application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you send Open Sound Control messages to other programs like Max/MSP, Puredata, Eyesweb, Processing, etc.
  7. Forum For The EyesWeb Community
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  8. Audio/Visuals Tools for VJ's: FreeFrame, After Effects, WinAmp, and Video Streaming
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  9. A forum made by Troikatronix about isadora by Mark Coniglio
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  10. Wiki about isadora
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  11. Video clips from Troika Ranch, the New York City based performance group that integrates dance, theater, and interactive multimedia in their live performances.
  12. The SenSen toolkit consists today of tree different software components. The EyesWeb platform is used to build rapid prototyping of vision-based perceptual interfaces.We are here including two annotated examples that are build in EyesWeb
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  13. 4LeftFeet is a stand-alone "robot" that utilizes artificial intelligence to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).
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  14. Capture via a camera device which is sent to EyesWeb. This then extrapolates co-ordinates from the video feed and sends them via OSC (Open Sound Control) to another PC operating Processing. Processing decodes the string
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  15. Einfahrung in die Softwareumgebung 'Eyesweb', die, aufbauend auf einem modularen Blockprinzip die Realisierung von mehrmedialen, d.h. Audio / Video / Netzwerkprojekten ermaglicht. Experimentelle interaktive Versuchsaufbauten, rechnergestatzte Verkna
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