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  2. Homoglyphi.cc is a simple tool for writing Unicode-calligraphy. The user can combine characters from the Astral Planes of the code structure to create alternative word-images. These can, for exempel, be pasted into typographically restrictive social media. The point of view of homoglyphi.cc is the basic character set of cloud-english.

    A homoglyph is a symbol that has a similar form to another symbol. The Unicode Standard is a utopian masterplan where each archetypical symbol is given its own space in an immense skeletal structure reaching for the sky. The FAQ says: “Unicode covers all the characters for all the writing systems of the world, modern and ancient.” At the time of writing, 110,182 symbols are encoded. Many of these are homoglyphs. This offers possibilities for creative users wishing to embellish their writing.

    The Standard defines a true essence beyond the stylesheet. Milleniums of human cilvilization snapped to a flat grid. This universal, ultimate standard is the codebook of global text-communication. On a material level this world of symbols depends on fonts, files installed on the local machines, to become visible. If the required font is missing the reader sees a crossed out box, a question mark or nothing.

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  3. This movie was shot using a rotating camera mount on the corner of 22nd and Bryant in San Francisco.

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  4. N.Y., N.Y. is a 1957 film by director Francis Thompson. The film is a collection of scenes from New York City recorded through special kaleidoscope lenses (it is rumored that their development took over 20 years). Despite a similar name, it is unrelated to the 1977 film New York, New York.

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  5. Her artistic research is focused on video installations, photography and experimental films. 

    Strongly influenced by cinema, her language offers frequently traditional narrative elements and confronts them to other contemporary forms. Her artistic development has always been marked by the result of close collaborations with musicians and composers.

  6. A keycam on a RC helicopter's rotorhead
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  7. Rorschmap is a Google Maps mashup by James Bridle that provides kaleidoscopic views of locations from around the world
  8. Cutting Edge Audio/Visual Synesthesia, Experimental Motiongraphics, and Visual Effects.
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  9. Appropriated digital video - 2009 || concept by Billy Rennekamp. A winner of the 2010 Vimeo Awards!

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  10. born in 1967, is one of the most prominent soloists within new music in Sweden.He has recorded extensively and toured Europe, the US and Asia. He writes articles on contemporary music and is frequently invited to give lectures and master classes..
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  11. Daniel Buess performed at the most highly recognised festivals for experimental music as well as at several underground-places, open spaces and independent venues.
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  12. Arnold's breakthrough film, pièce touchée, is based on a single 18-second shot from The Human Jungle (dir. Joseph M. Newman, 1954). Woman sitting in a chair. Man enters the room. Man and woman kiss. Exit man.
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  13. Le magazine des musiques et des cultures qui ne tiennent pas en place.
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  14. Pleix is a virtual community of digital artists based in Paris. Some of us are 3D artists, some others are musicians or graphic designers.
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  15. L'art que nous vous presentons au Mois Multi possede des forces d attraction qui sont proportionnelles aux bouleversements qu elles provoquent, ne sont regies par aucune constante de forme et repondent essentiellement a la densite de l attent
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