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  1. This thesis investigates this non-linearity and all its symptoms: peer-to-peer filesharing, social networks, crowdsourcing, word of mouse, the economy of abundance and new business models.
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  2. Dribbble is show and tell for creatives.
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  3. Curated audiovisual content from the global underground. We are a new media platform showcasing exclusive underground content from artists across the world.
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  4. The Hand Drawn Map Association (HDMA) is an ongoing archive of user submitted maps and other interesting diagrams created by hand.
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  5. Find out who sampled who. Listen to Music Samples, Remixes and Cover Songs
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  6. The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs.
  7. Jinni is a Taste Engine. We look at film through the lens of what makes you love or hate anything you watch. With a Taste Engine, you don't search by what you're looking for, you search by what you like.
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  8. Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome.
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  9. CEMuTAN est un espace dédié aux technologies et aux arts numériques. Il vise à rendre visibles projets, recherches et ressources ainsi qu’à regrouper les actions des différentes structures engagées dans ces domaines en Ile-de-France.
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  10. Tracking photos tweeted in real-time (twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, tweetphoto, mobypicture, or img.ly)
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  11. MACE is a pan-european initiative to interconnect and disseminate digital information about architecture.
  12. sketchPatch allows people to play with programming in a easy and fun way. You can write your own programs and run them in the browser, share them, or collaborate with other people making new versions of their programs.
  13. Share is an experiment in designing a networked programming tool for distributed communities of practice. It is an IDE that automatically shares all the code you write with everyone else that is using Share, and keeps track of how that code is used.
    7 years ago / /
  14. HasCanvas is a tool for creating and sharing Processing sketches and runs on John Resig s Processing.js.
    7 years ago /
  15. Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers...
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