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  1. Sharing Architectural Knowledge
  2. A collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis.



  3. Our working domain is the Internet network, through which all the creative proposals related with long distance come together. However, our activities do not only feed from the internet but also, from the different spaces associated to the actions...
  4. a recently born interaction design group that explores natural communication between people and technology. We design experiences that merge real and digital into a creative environment where people are invited to touch, play, move, feel as they do in the
  5. Vibro is a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple an a specialised magazine.Vibro intends to render experiments in the fields of electroacoustics and Lo-Fi more 'audible'.
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  6. Le Mouvement Art Public est un organisme a but non lucratif voue a la promotion de la culture actuelle par les memes moyens de masse que la publicite.
  7. Montagne Froide est un dispositif de creation oeuvrant dans les champs inter-relies du texte, de la voix, de l'image, du son, du corps, de la machine ().
  8. Videoart.net was founded by video artists and filmmakers based in New York City. We are dedicated to video art and short films but interested in any artist utilizing the video medium.
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  9. Collectif d'artistes, art numerique, installations, performances, multimedia, art contemporain
  10. Musiques Actuelles Spectacle vivant Multimedia Arts numeriques
  11. Collective working on LED interactive wall
  12. This is the first step in an ongoing social experiment, based on twitter. inspired by wefeelfine and drawing data from summize, hand-crafted by amy hoy and thomas fuchs.
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  13. Nous cherchons a developper un art entre l'image et l'acte, l'ecrit et la parole, le muet et le sonore, le plan et le volume, necessitant parfois, outre notre presence, une mise a contribution du spectateur.
  14. Jennifer and Kevin McCoy present a series of multimedia projects that address the intersection of television, narrative, and computer database.
  15. The HalfLifers exhume cinema's favorite incarnation of mindless, decaying mortality, the Zombie, in the hopes of breathing new life into this misunderstood figure. From a panel discussion in an old TV studio to a quarantined helicopter high above Califor
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