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    An on-going series of digital installations situated in Google Earth. DDD was created by building 3d digital models and locating and animating them in Google Earth using KML code. The soundtrack was created using a well known song about the white cliffs of Dover.

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  2. In Reverse Perspective the expected visual rules are inverted, so close objects are small and far objects are big. This is not only true for whole objects, but their structure as well. So the near points of an object are closer together, relative to its far points, which gives the flared-out look of the buildings, and the scene as a whole.

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  3. Performers :Maki Yokoyama , Saya Watatani , Tachun , Yusaku Mochizuki ,Tsuyoshi Kaseda
    Director : Nobuyuki Hanabusa
    Music : Yuko Sonoda ( Hanabusa Remix Version)

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  4. Immersive 3d space bubble. Use chrome to see it

  5. A sandstone block built from lego

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  6. FRACT is a first person adventure game for Windows & Mac much in the vein of the Myst titles, but with an electro twist. Gameplay boils down to three core activities: Explore, Rebuild, Create. The player is let loose into an abstract world built on sound and structures inspired by electronic music.

    It’s left to the player to explore the environment to find clues to resurrect and revive the long-forgotten machinery of this musical world, in order to unlock its’ inner workings.

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  7. Rapid Prototyping, otherwise known as 3D printing.
    More here : 3D printing for architects

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  8. Fluxus is a rapid prototyping, playing and learning environment for 3D graphics, sound and games.
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  9. Mandelbulbs are a new class of 3D Mandelbrot fractals. Unlike many other 3D fractals the Mandelbulb continues to reveal finer details the closer you look.
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  10. Cutting Edge Audio/Visual Synesthesia, Experimental Motiongraphics, and Visual Effects.
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  11. The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture.
  12. Metapropart is a Web 3D project aiming to explore in new ways cinema diegetic content, or in other words, movies universe and fiction. This word comes from Prop Art movement, that recognizes movie props and memorabilia as a form of art and meta, a suffix
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  13. Demonstration of a multitouch interactive interface by Rudy Morin
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  14. YouCube allows you to map YouTube videos onto an interactive 3D cube and then save it to a database so you can show your friends. As you spin around a YouCube, the sounds of the different vi
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  15. The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden.
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